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    bringing passion for Vietnamese cuisine to the World

    Taste Vietnam is the culmination of Ms Vy's passion for Vietnamese cuisine

    In The Kitchen

    This month sees Ms Vy making one of her personal favourites - Summer Rolls. Known in Vietnam as Goi Cuon, these healthy and delicious rolls are perfect for a starter. Made with rice paper and stuffed with shrimp.

    Feature - the Book

    About the Brand

    In 2012, following the publication of her first Book, Taste Vietnam: The Morning Glory Cookbook, Ms Vy realised that it was time to bring all of her businesses under one ‘umbrella’ group. As she was rapidly becoming internationally known in the media as the ‘go to’ person for anything related to Vietnamese cuisine, she thought it was also time that she created a brand identity which enable customers to easily identify her restaurants and hotel.

    Taste Vietnam: passion for Vietnamese cuisine and cooking

    Having sold over 10,000 copies in its first 2 years, Taste Vietnam seemed the right choice of name. It also reflected Vy’s passion for Vietnamese cuisine and cooking. Since opening her first restaurant, Mermaid, in 1992, Vy has always had one eye on the future and never a person to rest on her laurels, she is always looking for new ventures and new ideas.

    With the Taste Vietnam brand, Ms Vy hopes to give Vietnamese cuisine the place it deserves on the world stage. Already regarded as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, it is unique in the way that it places strong emphasis on the balance and harmony of flavours and textures. Even after over 30 years in restaurants, Ms Vy’s passion remains undiminished.

    In her book “Taste Vietnam: The Morning Glory Cookbook”, she likens cooking to life, saying “To this day I am still learning new facts from others about food. This is an absolute joy for me, as in my eyes, life is one big recipe. It is constantly evolving like a recipe or menu does over time; the more ingredients, skill or knowledge, the better the flavour. I have always had a passion for cooking and am inspired by the idea that others share this same passion.”

    To get a taste and feel of what Taste Vietnam has to offer have a look at the video:

    Taste Vietnam - traditional Vietnamese cooking pots and pans in kitchen

    Book Taste Vietnam Street Food Tour, Tastings & Lunch

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    Book Taste Vietnam Street Food Tour, Tastings & Lunch

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      We all know that situations can change in life; we completely understand. In order to run our classes as efficiently as possible, we ask only that:
      1. If you cancel your class within three (3) days prior to the class date, we will refund 100% the cost (you pay only the PayPal fee if applicable).
      2. We do not offer refunds if you cancel within three (3) days prior to your class date.
      3. We do not offer refunds if you don’t show up.
      4. We reserve the right to cancel classes due to circumstances beyond our control. In this case, we will contact you as early as possible refund all fees to you.

      We do our best to minimize all conditions and hope to bring you the best experience possible. Please work with us to make it happen.

    "I believe that our quality of life very much depends on how much we enjoy our food"
    Trinh Diem Vy