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    life is one big recipe

    About The Book

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    Anyone who has met me knows that food is my life’s passion. When I was a little girl I would daydream about certain foods, craving special dishes when times were hard. My imagination ran wild when it came to all the flavours, combinations and tex- tures of Vietnamese cuisine. As I grew up, food remained the focus of my life; I loved working in our family restaurant when I was a teenager. I used to dream of owning my own restaurant and of creating dishes that would make other people happy. When that dream came true, my dreams evolved. Now I find that the more I share with others and the more experience I gain, the more passionate I become about Vietnamese cuisine, about the unique dishes passed on to me from my family, a family of great cooks. My personal inspiration to create Vietnamese dishes and educate others about our cuisine also comes from my childhood experiences. My generation was starved of the dishes that had been commonly enjoyed by our elders. It was a time of rationing. We couldn’t afford the ingredients to make the special dishes that are so unique to our country. MSG became widely used as making natural stocks was too laborious and expensive. Sustenance took priority over taste and effectively Vietnam lost an entire generation of cooks. Recipes, which were typically passed down from one generation to another, were forgotten or lost. This has been the driving force of my business, to source and recreate recipes and to share these with others, so that they can appreciate the value and uniqueness of Vietnamese cuisine.

    "I believe that our quality of life very much depends on how much we enjoy our food"
    Trinh Diem Vy